GOP wants to rewrite history but Capitol rioters still getting arrested

Three more Trump supporters were arrested this week and charged with crimes committed during Jan. 6's siege of the U.S. Capitol complex. The total number of defendants now exceeds 400 and federal prosecutors say they're still looking for 100 more.

Abram Markofski and Brandon Nelson of Wisconsin and John Douglas Wright of Ohio were all arrested Monday and charged with breaking into the Capitol, the records show. Filings from the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that Markofski and Nelson have been under investigation since shortly after a tipster contacted the FBI a day after the riot. A charging document in Wright's case references four unnamed cooperating witnesses who each confirmed that he was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 based on Wright's own posts on Facebook.

Notwithstanding Republican efforts to make it all go away, the snitching has begun in earnest.