Corporate trying to force dangerous sandwich down Subway's throat

North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF) expresses their deep disappointment that Subway corporate is rolling out an overly complicated, hazardous sandwich despite their warnings.

Eat This:

The notice reports that some operators have said the melts have caused damage on their toaster ovens. Furthermore, the sandwiches are allegedly more complicated to make than other items and present an issue with customization.

The franchisees association advised its members to "weigh out the above concerns and stand strong with the decision you make as a franchisee investor." It continues to say that Subway's leadership is yet to adequately respond to these concerns, while the sandwiches have already gone through a soft launch.

"We are incredibly disappointed in FWH leadership's plan to move full steam ahead with this launch before these significant issues are resolved," the notice reads.

Meanwhile, Subway maintains the melts have gone through sufficient testing before being launched.

This Quiznos ad still cracks me up. That's about all I know of bad sandwiches.