Nu-metal band rocks the meatballs out of Subway

Back in my wayward youth, there was a locally successful pop-punk band called Grover Dill. They were kind of big brothers of the music scene, and through some hilariously bizarre circumstances, they ended up scoring a sponsorship another local institution that you may have heard of — Subway. Yes, like the sandwich chain (which, fun fact, started in Connecticut not far from my hometown!). Subway hooked Grover Dill up with all kinds of big shot opportunities, like the huge radio festival in the video above (my teenage face makes a few cameos, along with a ton of Subway logos in the background), and even Warped Tour. In exchange, Grover Dill had to put "Subway presents…" on all of their t-shirts, and sometimes hand out promo stuff for sandwiches (which led to a bit of a, erm, corporate issue on one Warped Tour that I probably shouldn't talk about for legal reasons). The band's Subway sponsorship was both funny and radically un-punk, yet still pretty cool, since it afforded them all kinds of opportunities. Not to mention, employment when they weren't touring.

I was reminded of these fond memories as I watched this video of the Atlanta-based nu-metal band Silly Goose rocking the fuck out of their local Subway. Who knew you could also get a local music venue on the side of your Five Dollar Foot Long?

Video for the non-Instagrammers:

According to Consequence of Sound, the band is known for these kinds of promotional stunts:

Atlanta nu-metal band Silly Goose are known for playing peculiar spaces. Forget venues: You'd be more likely to find the rap rockers playing on the sidewalk outside the venue. One such stunt got them on the bill for the Inkcarceration Festival last year after they played a set in the parking lot.

For their latest unconventional venue, Silly Goose played a pop-up show inside of a Subway restaurant. "POV you are trying to order at Subway and this is happening," reads the caption for the video on the band's Instagram account.

Chaotic Limp Bizkit-style nu-metal blares through the shop as a customer patiently waits for his sandwich. Meanwhile, the Subway "sandwich artist" appears unfazed by the sheer decibels emanating from the band, nonchalantly placing toppings on the bread.