This dog DNA test will tell you more about your best friend than you ever realized

It probably comes as no surprise that if you're looking for a dog breed that your insurance company will approve, the best bet is to avoid Doberman Pinschers, pit bulls, and Rottweilers. Or maybe you want a Chihuahua, which is one of the smallest breeds and also the longest living major breed at around 17 years. And if you're looking for the dog that might just be able to beat you in a game of chess, the Border Collie might give you the best run for your money.

Of course, it's tough to make those assessments of your dog and their capabilities or long-term health and happiness if you're not even 100 percent sure who your dog really is. The truth is that more than half the dogs living in U.S. households are mixed breed. And if you got your dog at a shelter…well, shelter staff correctly identify a dog's primary or secondary breed only 67 percent of the time. And if it's a mixed breed pup, that figure falls to just 10 percent.

And what if they've actually got some wild in 'em too? You need more accurate information than that on a member of your family. With a DNA My Dog Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit, you can not only lock down the exact genetic makeup of your pet but even find out if the wolf or coyote traits run deep in their blood.

The test itself is simple enough. Just swab your pet's cheek with the applicator in the kit and send in your sample in the return mailing envelope. It takes less than two minutes to complete, and within two weeks, you'll get a full report back detailing with 99.97 percent accuracy all the internal pieces that make your dog who he or she is.

In those findings, dog owners receive a custom photo certificate of which breeds are part of your dog's genetic composition, a percentage breakdown of those levels, and a report on the health concerns and personality traits from in your pet's most dominant breeds.

A full DNA My Dog Wolf and Canid Hybrid Testing Kit and report usually cost $89, but you can save over 20 percent right now with this deal, cutting your price down to only $69.99.

Prices subject to change.