Experimental music legend Fred Frith at Maker Music Festival

I hope Boing Boing readers have been exploring the amazing Maker Music Festival this weekend. This virtual festival of maker-musicians, experimental and electronic music is jam-packed with inspired projects and performances. There are 19 "buildings" to explore, each named after a well-known experimental/electronic composer. Two buildings, Partch and Theremin, are sponsored by Boing Boing.

Among the many lesser-known maker-musicians featured at the festival, I was beyond thrilled to find one of my favorite experimental musicians and composers, Fred Frith, in several of the buildings. I've followed Frith's work since his involvement with the 1960s avant-rock group, Henry Cow, and 70s Art Bears.

At the Maker Music Festival, Frith has teamed up with self-described "audio-gadgeteer," Sudhu Tewari, who created the instruments that Frith plays. Here are the videos they're showing at the festival.

See many more performances, tutorials, and more at the Maker Music Festival.