Listen to the Canadian government's official census soundtrack

From Canada:

As Canada's statistical portrait, the census is a reflection of who we are and what makes us Canadian. Listen to our Spotify and YouTube playlists while you complete your 2021 Census questionnaire to experience the different facets of Canadian culture through the sounds of our celebrated musical talent. If these songs aren't already among your favourite tracks, we hope that you have the opportunity to discover something new as you fill out your questionnaire online in May.

That's right: the Canadian government put together a collection of playlists to listen to while you fill out your census. There are playlists dedicated to indigenous artists as well as Francophone Canadians; the classics like Neil Young, the Band, and Joni Mitchell to more modern rock like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene; and of course, plenty of pop like Alanis Morissette and Carly Rae Jepsen, and The Weeknd.

There is, however, a disappointing lack of my personal favorite Canadian songwriter: John K Samson, formerly of the Weakerthans and Propagandhi, who gave the world the single greatest trilogy of songs ever written from the point of view of a cat whose owner is struggling with depression and addiction (plus one additional song from the owner's perspective). You can listen to that one above.

Otherwise, this is just a very fun and wholesome offering from the Canadian government. Thanks, northerly neighbors!

Official 2021 Census soundtrack [Canadian Government]

Image: Public Domain via Needpix