What happens when you forget you have a gun in your carry-on

On November last year, a lady forgot she had a handgun in her handbag and got collared by the TSA scanner on the way into Orlando International Airport. This video, from Orlando Police Officer James Ruhl's bodycam, takes us through the 20-minute procedure that results.

Ruhl is polite and professional, but for some eyerolling grandpa talk. She is meek and a bit evasive. He warns her that turning up half an hour before takeoff with a gun means she's going to miss her flight and her glock. But worse is in store: it turns up her concealed carry permit is imaginary, and that's the difference between free coffee and third-degree felony.

The listed firearm, magazine and six (6) rounds of ammunition were placed into OPD Property and Evidence reference this case number. Witnesses Bell, Stevens and De Grijze submitted sworn written statements and they will testify in court. OFC P. Owen (34447) assisted with evidence packaging and obtaining statements from the witnesses. OFC J. Jones (11682) managed the suspect while I processed this case. I advised SGT S. Stites (15336) of the incident and the decision was made to arrest the suspect for carrying a concealed firearm