The business-ready, leather-like backpack is 100 percent waterproof and even floats

Water and your personal belongings generally don't mix. Once you slip your laptop, an iPhone, maybe some earbuds, and all the other assorted papers and other physical stuff you need to carry around with you from place to place into a carrying bag, your first instinct is always to keep that bag dry at all costs.

However, the MVB Standard Edition L8 Floating Backpack doesn't just contradict that urge. It visibly thumbs its nose and laughs at the notion that you have to avoid the water. Heck, with this airtight, waterproof backpack, you can literally wear it on your back as you swim the ocean and your stuff will stay 100 percent safe.

That's because thanks to its patented design and quality materials, the lightweight L8 is still built like a tank. The MVB backpack is made from toxin-free, eco-friendly TPU fabric that's even medical-grade, reducing the chance of any skin allergies or other health concerns. Thanks to advanced high-frequency welding machines, each panel is fused to assure the backpack is completely waterproof and packed with durability to spare.

While it looks and feels like leather, it's not — it's actually held together by a patented zipper design and unibody construction that helps this bag withstand heavy pressure and reduce air leaking. While the super smooth outer zipper glides open and closed, the airtight inner zipper is the true bulkhead, a 100 percent waterproof and even lockable anti-theft seal that protects everything inside.

And the L8 doesn't just shrug off water, it openly defies it. Airtight and inflatable, the bag literally floats, becoming a giant air max cushion, even when the bag is fully packed. Whether you're paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, or just playing around in the water beachside, this made-for-the-waves backpack is a perfect companion for those who love water sports but hate having to carry stuff around while they do it.

Once you're finished, just rinse it off, towel it dry, and it's ready to take your stuff back to the office on Monday.

Right now, you can save over 25 percent off the price of the MVB Standard Edition L8 Floating Backpack and get it for only $139.95. Or you can step up to the Shield Edition L8 made with 32-layer super-strong Kevlar material that can stop a bullet, also on sale for just $234.95.

Prices subject to change.