911 calls show aftermath of Gender Reveal IED

80 pounds of explosives were set off in a New Hampshire quarry to announce the gender of a baby, generating a blast that rattled windows for miles around and may have damaged the foundations of nearby structures. Matthew Gault and Tim Marchman at Vice FOIAd the 911 calls from the day and present them for our horror and amusement.

"It was a humongous explosion," another caller said. "It rattled my house."

"Caller, you're actually the fourth person that's called," one 911 dispatcher told a distressed resident. "I do have all the information I need. We have officers heading out that way."

I'd like to pause here to thank Vice for canonizing the term "Gender Reveal IED" in a headline, as that's exactly what's being made here. Amazingly, you can buy these on Amazon! God bless America!