Here are 10 don'ts when traveling to West Virginia

Wolters World is a fun YouTube channel for people looking for (or fantasizing about) their next vacation, and "the don'ts" when visiting cities, states, and countries is one of their common video topics. Their latest video lists the 10 don'ts when traveling to beautiful West Virginia. In Cliffs Notes style, the list includes: 1) Don't mix up Western Virginia with West Virginia; 2) Don't say Appalachian wrong (they didn't explain the terrors of what might happen if you do); 3) Don't think you can escape the mountains – you can't! 4) Don't drive like an idiot in the mountains, which are loaded with hills, curves, and trucks; 5) Don't miss the gorgeous bridges; 6) Don't forget to bring sturdy shoes; 7) Same goes for layers of clothing; 8) Don't always expect to have cell service (so prepare ahead); 9) Don't forget to try their two signature dishes: pepperoni rolls and hot dogs; and 10) Don't worry about spending too much – it's hard to do in this affordable state. I recommend watching the video – or any of Wolter's other travel videos – for more interesting details and lovely images.