Magnets and a trippy design make this lamp a lot more than just a lamp

Ever since we figured out the whole electricity thing, lamps have been relatively simple. Just pull the chain or push the button, and your light bulb illuminates and bathes your room in its soft glow. 

But every once in a while, a maverick will come along and turn the entire idea of a simple desk lamp completely on its head. And one look at the Original Heng Balance Lamp makes one point enormously clear — this is no simple desk lamp.

Actually, it barely even looks like a lamp. Before it's fired up, it'd be easy to assess this 18-inch high, sleek, minimalist wooden structure and assume that maybe it's a piece of art or a Dyson fan. Or maybe those two strange hanging balls are part of a game of some kind. But designer Zanwen Li had a different idea when mad genius inspired him to create this sorta whimsical, sorta magical lamp idea.

When you take a closer look at the hanging ball, your mind will wonder how one seems to be hanging straight up, defying gravity. The answer is that age-old secret weapon of science: the ever-resourceful magnet.

Just grab the limply-hanging lower ball and stretch its cord up toward the ball hanging from the top. Secretly embedded magnets kick in, holding both neodymium magnet cores securely in their own field, completing the circuit, and powering the light to shine.

The warm white brilliance of 3,500K LED light spills with a 360-degree beam angle, a playful and unique way to brighten up a room. Meanwhile, the LED inside is rated to survive for up to 55,000 hours, guaranteeing years of lighting and conversation-starting service. You might just be the only person you know with home lighting quite like this.

You can slide The Original Heng Balance Lamp into any decor style and save almost $10 off your price. Originally $65, it's on sale now for just $55.99.

Prices subject to change.