Racist Karen gives two teens a piece of her mind while destroying their Pride Month art

While two Tennessee teens were painting a mural to celebrate Pride Month, a homophobic – and racist (of course) – Marjorie Taylor Greene clone marched over with paint cans in her arms. "I'm comin' over here to paint over your shit," she said. "I'm sick of hearing all of you. I'm sick of hearing all of you."

She then proceeded to paint over their colorful work, which they said took them two hours to paint, while calling them immigrants and telling them they "don't pay taxes" and that they should get jobs. The 16-year-olds were remarkably calm as they corrected her, telling her they do have jobs and they do pay taxes. But, as with all Karens, the facts went in one ear and out the other as she continued to spew her hate.

The girls returned the next day to repaint the mural, according to Yahoo! News, but it was again destroyed.