The Amazing Randi debunked sweaty "magnetic" people

Sadly James Randi passed away before he could directly address these vaccine frauds, but here is a video of him exposing and explaining why sweaty folks aren't magnets and friction isn't 'magnetism.'


Many of the people who can adhere objects to their body can do so not only with metal but also other materials. That would suggest that the phenomenon cannot be explained by magnetism and uses a different kind of physical effect. Skeptic Benjamin Radford has used a compass to check the magnetic field of a person that claimed to be a human magnet. He concluded that person did not produce magnetic fields. He also noted that those people usually have smooth and hairless skin and lean back slightly while sticking objects, which would not be necessary if they possessed magnetic powers. Many scientists and proponents of science, including James Randi, claim that this ability can be explained by friction and is caused by unusually sticky skin; to prove that, Randi has demonstrated that human magnets lose their powers when they are covered in talc.[1][9][10]

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