Donald Trump looks so nauseous and pale walking into court — not even his orange makeup could mask his sick fear (video)

As Donald Trump walked into court to face the first day of his criminal trial today, he played the martyr, saying to reporters he was "very proud to be here" to fight for MAGA. But his words did not match his terrified expression — looking pale, haggard, and as if he were about to lose his morning McMuffin. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)

"This is political persecution, this is a persecution like never before," cried the fraudster, facing 34 felony counts for allegedly falsifying business records. "Nobody's ever seen anything like it."

Likewise, nobody's ever seen anything like the former twice-impeached, election-denying, self-admitted pussy-grabbing U.S. president before. Just as they've never seen the said conman looking so sick to his stomach. So naturally, Mr. Trump, this is a first.