Gentleman who drank wine at Capitol riot learns mid-interview he's now running for wrong political seat

Jason Riddle, the New Hampshire gentleman who was arrested after bragging about the stolen wine he guzzled inside the the Capitol building on January 6th while taking part in the insurrection, is now running for, well, some sort of political office. The problem is, he's not sure which one.

In an NBC10–Boston interview (video below), reporter Katherine Underwood had to correct the befuddled rioter, who he thought he was running for a state seat against Rep. Ann Kuster (D–NH).

"I thought Ann was a state representative!" he said, as if stumped by a complex riddle.

"No." Underwood then tried to teach Riddle the basics. "So a state rep is in the State House in Concord."

"Yeah! That's what Ann is," Riddle said, whose case is pending, according to Insider.

"No, no no, she's in Washington."

"Well, I guess I've got to run against that then," Riddle said.

Yeah, and I guess in Republican politics it doesn't matter what the heck you're running for.

Riddle in a Feburary 8 video: