Aviation geek recreates airline meals at home

Self-described "aviation geek" Nik Sennhauser of Glasgow, Scotland has missed air travel so much during the pandemic that he's been recreating inflight meals at home. I bet Nik's meals taste better though. He even uses airline dishes to serve such delicacies as lobster thermidor, meat patty and gnocchi, and fried chicken with waffles. From the BBC:

"Then one Sunday I was making sausages, eggs and hash browns and thought it looked a bit like a plane meal," said Nik, a business support manager for a Glasgow-based e-commerce start-up.

It was the spark which gave him the idea to recreate meals he had enjoyed on flights all over the world.

"Being a plane geek I have a trolley filled with glasses, plates and cutlery," said Nik, who bought the authentic inflight items online.

He now spends Sundays recreating meals for himself and his husband Graham.

(via Kottke)