The Freewrite Traveler is the portable device that writers have been waiting for

People who fashion prose for a living can be a little persnickety sometimes, often no more than in the actual method of creating their work. If a writer isn't sitting in front of their home computer or laptop, they've generally got a couple of options for getting writing work done when they get out of the house, none of them super attractive.

They can pack up that laptop and take it with them, but even with the most advanced laptops, most are a little heavier and bulkier to carry around than you'd like (not to mention it could be stolen by a boar). And while it's not impossible, typing anything more than a text or quick to-do list on the tiny screen of a smartphone or tablet feels, well, almost impossible.

Successfully funded by fans on Indiegogo, the Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool was created to split the difference, offering the greater size and functionality to get writing work done, but in a package much smaller than a traditional laptop.

In fact, the first thing you'll notice about the Traveler is its adorably cute size. Less than a foot long and weighing just over 1.5 lbs., the Traveler is built for portability with about half the footprint of a regular laptop.

One question potential customers ask is "Where all the distractions?" The notifications, the emails, the web browser for surfing when you get bored? Nope, the Traveler doesn't play that. All those distractions are exiled from this machine, leaving you nuisance-free to sit with the words and come up with something brilliant.

The E Ink display, like those used on many e-readers, uses ambient light that's both easier on the eyes than a traditional computer screen but doesn't wash out in direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the unit unfolds to display a full-sized scissor-switch keyboard optimized for typing with the sturdy, yet tactile feel you expect from finely calibrated keyboard keys.

The Traveler has internal flash memory capable of storing up to 1 million pages of copy, Wi-Fi connectivity to upload finished pages to your chosen cloud storage, and a battery life that runs for up to 4 weeks on a single charge.

The Freewrite Traveler Portable Writing Tool retails for $499, but right now, it's not only on sale for 10 percent off, but you can also save an additional $20 by using the code FREEWRITE20 when you check out. With both discounts in effect, that drops your final price down to only $429.

Prices subject to change.