Watch Randy Rainbow celebrate "the greatest star" Barbra Streisand

Comedian Randy Rainbow – known for his delightful musical videos that skewer politicians with satire – parodied Barbra Streisand's "Evergreen" in February to poke fun at GQP nut Marjorie Taylor Greene. But his latest video, "She's the Greatest Star" (which uses Funny Girl songs "I'm the Greatest Star" and "Don't Rain on My Parade" for the melody), while still quite funny, strays from political humor to celebrate Barbra Streisand just for being Barbra Streisand. And to promote Streisand's upcoming Release Me 2, a collection of "10 Previously Unreleased Studio Gems from Her Personal Vaults."

As a side note, according to Billboard, after Rainbow parodied Streisand's "Evergreen," Streisand responded by tweeting "U have potential!" To which the excited Rainbow responded: "Aaaand that's a wrap on my life, you guys. There's nothing left for me to achieve on this earth so I'm taking my Jewish lasers to space."

Release Me 2 will be available August 6.