Lucky Voice is a karaoke machine that takes your big vocals on the road

Look, we're gonna be honest here. There are plenty of people who should never get within 100 yards of a karaoke system. They often mean well, but their subtly deadly combination of raucous performing enthusiasm coupled with middling to egregiously horrific singing talent make them a danger to themselves and others when they're handed the mic.

But like that car crash on the highway, we just can't turn away, can we? So since that barrage of ABBA, Taylor Swift, or Adele is probably going to happen with an amplified sound system or not, you might as well just turn into the skid with something like the Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine.

Setup is surprisingly simple to get an entire at-home karaoke station up and running in your home for your parties or get-togethers. Compatible with a laptop, desktop, TV, iOS, and Android smartphone or tablet, just plug the mixer station in and attach your mic and a pair of external speakers.

Along with the hardware, singers also get a free one-month subscription to Lucky Voice's song database, making a library of over 3,000 of your favorite songs available at the push of a button. From Lady Gaga to Sir Elton, from Dolly to Freddie to Ed Sheeran, this catalog should have enough hits and crowd-pleasers to help even the most indecisive divas feel comfortable and ready to hit the stage.

From kids to grandparents, Lucky Voice can get anyone singing in just minutes, but there's also a quick guide and instructional video available just in case. The mixer and mic are portable enough to carry with you anywhere, so if you can find a place with a hookup and some speakers, the party can literally follow you to all corners. Plus, you can get the set with a mic color that fits your personality, ranging from hot pink to classy rose gold, to an ultra-classy gold.

Karaoke kings and queens can be all over this Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine, which is now $10 off at just $85.99.

Prices subject to change.