Get 2 years of Private Internet Access and a $15 store credit for under $70

If you've been around the web for a while, then you probably also remember a few VPN brands that started to make a name for themselves over a decade ago as the vanguard for the new age in personal online protection.

Private Internet Access was one of those brands — and now, more than a decade later, it's still one of the premier coverage options for those looking to remain secure in all of their online travels (even though some nations like China aren't fans).

In fact, PIA even recently outdueled other heritage VPN providers like CyberGhost and NordVPN in a side-by-side assessment by Forbes, who praised PIA with top marks for covering multiple devices and maintaining a robust server network, all for a proportionately modest price — it's now just $69.95 for a 2-year subscription, and you'll even get $15 in store credit with this deal. 

That server network is one of the reasons behind PIA's continued success, boasting a network featuring more than 35,000 servers in over 100 locations across 78 countries. No matter where you are or where you want to appear to be, you can log into any PIA server around the globe and enjoy a completely secure connection to the web. 

All your most sensitive information like your IP address and more are fully shrouded in anonymity, ensuring online scammers and cyberthieves can't get their claws into your details when you're online, all on a network with lightning-fast connection speeds and unthrottled access.

That vast server network also makes it easier than ever to get around international content restrictions on censored or geographically blocked websites, apps, or streaming services. With PIA, your U.S.-based Netflix account is accessible anywhere in the world you go, while content restricted to another part of the world can be yours to watch just by logging into that home region.

But unlike some of those old guard veterans, PIA has never rested on past accomplishments, continuing to incorporate new elements like the improved MACE feature, which efficiently shuts down any ads, trackers, and malware you face in your web travels. And one subscription covers up to 10 devices simultaneously, a big jump over the maximum 3 or 5 limits enacted by most VPN providers.

And getting back to the modest price, Private Internet Access is now not only on sale at almost 75 percent off its regular price, but you can also earn a special $15 credit toward your next Boing Boing Store purchase. Right now, a two-year PIA subscription, a $268 value, is available for just $69.95 plus the $15 credit voucher.

Prices subject to change.