Save 21% on this travel wireless power bank for all your upcoming outdoor adventures

After spending the past year locked up in your home most of the time, you might not have needed to concern yourself with power needs for a while now. If your phone or tablet runs low, you just plug in set it on the counter or end table for an hour or two, and it's as good as new.

But as your adventures start taking you into the outside world again for longer and longer excursions, it might be time to revisit that power question. Most importantly, now's the time to determine whether you've got adequate EDC tech to stay mobile and on the go anywhere and not worry about a dead device. The Lion Prowler Wireless Charging Portable Power Bank should put all those fears to rest decisively.

This renewed Lion Prowler has each been fully inspected and tested, all working perfectly and in near-mint condition with very minimal to zero scuffing on the case. It's also packed with utility, but its primary mission will always be maintaining the power levels on your thirstiest devices. Packing a formidable 20,000mAh battery, the Lion Prowler is crafted to serve up all the power you need just the way you need it.

It delivers a sturdy 10W of wireless power to all of your Qi-enabled devices, but it also sports three additional outputs for USB and USB-C devices, working to guarantee every phone, tablet, and other pieces of tech can fill up and stay in the game.

Of course, this power bank is going to be out in the world, so it was also designed to survive out there as well, encased in a rugged exoskeleton style framework that can withstand drops, splashes, spills, and all the other misadventures it could face in your average day. At just 1.5 lbs., the Lion Prowler also slips easily into a pocket or bag, and it's TSA-compliant as a flight-friendly, carry-on lithium battery.

And did we mention the Lion Prowler also has a built-in LED flashlight? Yep, the 9 LED array throws enough light to cut through the darkness, and there's even an optional emergency flashing mode if you face any trouble. 

Retailing for $70, the Lion Prowler Wireless Charging Portable Power Bank is on sale now for over 20 percent off, cutting your price down to just $54.99.

Prices subject to change.