Man calls in bomb threat over McDonald's dipping sauce

Robert Golwitzer, Jr. takes his chicken McNuggets seriously. He will suffer no fools who do not provide him with the proper sauce that the succulent breaded chicken chunk or boot requires. So when Golwitzer, Jr., at 42 years of age, an adult, did not receive sauce from the Ankeny, Iowa McDonald's he called them with threats of blowing them up and punching them. No report on which of those he intended to do first, or who specifically was to receive an explosion or a punch.

In any event, the threat to explode is a Class D felony, a false report of explosive or incendiary device. Tracking Golwitzer, Jr. down took the Ankeny Police Department little effort and he admitted to the charges over the phone. He was booked into the Polk County Jail Saturday and was released on bond a day later.