Get your dog started on a plant-based dog food they'll actually love for just $5

With everyone doing their best to look out for our planet and buy eco-friendly products, you might be surprised at the role another member of your family could be playing in that more sustainable future. Yep, your dog could be doing a lot more to help the push to a greener world.

Hey, we're gonna assume they would do their part if asked. After all, they love the planet too. But dogs account for 20 percent of all U.S. meat consumption. That's the equivalent of 69 million people, almost the combined populations of California and Texas. Instead, you can strike a blow on your pet's behalf for a smarter food chain with the world's leading high-protein, completely plant-based dog brand, Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food.

Not only does meat production put a hurt on the planet, but meat-based foods are responsible for a lot of common dog allergies that lead to constant itching, licking and skin infections. So Wild Earth is completely meat-free, a nutritionally complete adult dog food made from chickpeas, oats, peas, sweet potatoes, and more — but without the mystery fillers, additives, and preservatives found in other brands. And the whole process uses 90 percent fewer resources to produce.

In addition to appealing to a dog's taste buds, those natural ingredients go right at all those meat-based ailments, which should have your pooch itching less, flashing more energy, and sporting shinier, softer coats in just a few weeks.

Voted VegNews' Best Dog Food of 2021, Wild Earth can get dog parents on a subscription plan with their first 4 lb. bag. You can start mixing in the Wild Earth with your dog's current dog food brand, then expect another 4 lb. bag to show up every 18 days like clockwork, though you can cancel the subscription at any time. And you likely won't have to pull any tricks on your dog to have them digging in either.

Right now, your dog can try out Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food at over 75 percent off the regular price. Regularly $23, your first 4 lb. bag can start winging its way to you now for only $4.95.

Prices subject to change.