This anti-GQP ad doesn't hold back, calling out Trump's traitorous base for what they really are

Not only is this Meidas Touch ad spot on about the GQP's criminal behavior that is threatening US democracy, but its brutally honest descriptions of the Capitol insurrectionists couldn't be any more accurate.

The so-called "patriots" who violently attacked the Capitol on January 6 are really nothing more than "traitors," taking orders from their "demented leader Trump."

And in more detail, they are:

"Cowards playing dress-up with their camos and AR-15s."

"Small minded weaklings acting like they're the tough guys."

"Turncoats who are deathly afraid of democracy."

"Insurrectionists who betrayed our country."

The bottom line?

"This is not just like a crazy scene from some movie about a third world dictatorship, the despot who refuses to give up power. It's criminal behavior right here in America, and it needs to be punished."