Tofu Dreg: China's poorly constructed residential towers

This video starts by showing construction workers in China alarmed at the brittle rebar they've been given to put in concrete. Then it gets worse. Welcome to Tofu Dreg, the dismal buildings going up in China at the place where Chabuduo meets the Chinese Dream.

These are just some of the tofu-dreg projects in China so far this year. The term "tofu-dreg" was first coined by former Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji. After he inspected the collapse of floodwalls in a southern city in 1998, the Premier angrily criticized it as a "tofu-dreg project" when asked about the cause of the failure. Since then, the term "tofu-dreg construction" has appeared frequently in all major Chinese media and has gradually become well known.

A forest of Champlain Towers. While one might expect that China doesn't suffer from the fractious zero-maintenance politics of American HOAs (a factor in the Surfside collapse) its clearly has worse problems.