ElevenSight offers video and audio calling for businesses with no downloads or logins

Now that we're all so much more conversant in how to handle video calling and conferencing than we were in early 2020, it's time to start thinking about the next step in that evolution, right? Like making all video calling as simple as something like Facetime on an iPhone, requiring no downloaded software or special account logins or other roadblocks. 

ElevenSight thinks they might be the vanguard of communication's next wave. Five years ago, the company debuted with its e-lines, creating ultra-fast links that connected video and audio calls between businesses and customers almost instantly. Now, you can integrate an entire company's communication systems with the ElevenSight Remote Engagement Platform and streamline the entire way a business team or a business and its clients all interact.

Winner of a prestigious tech entrepreneur TiE50 Award earlier this year, ElevenSight has expanded its abilities, offering members the chance to create personal, encrypted e-line web links and URLs for sending and receiving video and audio calls.

Those links can be distributed in all the same ways that links are usually passed around, through web browsers, emails, display ads, social media posts, or literally anywhere on the web, all without the need for downloading any software or signing into any accounts.

And ElevenSight is a full-service option, even including connection possibilities like multi-line ringing, call forwarding, and three-way calling as part of its service. With ElevenSight, users can quickly schedule, host or join HD video or audio group meetings, straight from a web browser or mobile device. With options that outstrip other video conferencing alternatives like Zoom or Skype, ElevenSight lets users record meetings, chat, share screens and files as an ultra-concise work collaboration environment.

ElevenSight also has its visions firmly on business results as well, helping to convert up to three times more leads while boosting sales results teamwide. You can even add a super button to any website, track lead sources, and integrate ElevenSight with all of the top customer relations management (CRM) platforms.

You can find out all the perks of adding its services to your company's abilities with an ElevenSight Remote Engagement Platform subscription. Rather than paying a recurring subscription, you can get lifetime support for just $34.99.

Prices subject to change