Build a LEGO 911 Turbo (because the targa is meh)

Modeled after something that reminds me most of the 930 Turbo, this LEGO 911 kit is pretty awesome.

Comprised of 1458 pieces, this kit represents LEGO's latest version of the 'iconic' Porsche 911. Simply the greatest mass production sportscar ever conceived, let alone built, LEGO honors the 911's immense 57-year streak as the most fun car you can drive every day.

The kit suggests something about building the turbo OR the targa, as if that is actually a choice someone would make.

While I occasionally desperately miss it, 911 cars do not suffer from oversteer. Even on ice.

LEGO Porsche 911 (10295) Model Building Kit; Engaging Building Project for Adults; Build and Display The Iconic Porsche 911; New 2021 (1,458 Pieces) via Amazon