This unique stainless steel fire pit is crafted to reduce smoke and produce significant heat

The romance of sparking up a firepit on a sandy beach or during a quiet camping weekend is undeniable. Enjoy the solitude of nature amid the warm glow and soothing crackling of a flickering blaze. Oh, it's romantic, all right. But as wonderful as your firepit idea was, it invariably runs into some practical headaches. Like how firepits throw up a whole lot of really unromantic smoke. Or how a crackling fire can often spit out lots of sparks that can ignite stuff all around it if you aren't careful. 

Building a fire seems like a simple idea — until you find out it isn't so simple. That led to the creation of the Burly Scout Stainless Steel Smoke Reducing Firepit, a summer accessory that's cracked the equation on how to do the outdoor firepit without all the firepit pitfalls everyone hates.

The Scout is ready to use right out of the box — and standing almost a foot and a half high, it looks like a big steel bucket. However, it's got a few subtle additions that keep the firepit concept simple while eliminating the parts that aren't so great. 

Crafted from 304 stainless steel, the Scout sports a unique, patent-pending two-piece design engineered to offer a nearly smokeless fire pit experience. Rather than billows of thick, choking smoke, this pit diffuses the smoke, resulting in a clean burn that gives off plenty of flames and heat, but limited smoke. The two-piece system also makes for an extremely easy clean-up and transport later.

Meanwhile, the Scout construction also cuts down on stray sparks that come from traditional wood-burning fire pits, as well as sturdy white oak handles to easily help maneuver the Scout into just the right position. And you might even try adding a few accessories for some added ambiance.

This package also comes with the ultra-useful Scout Firepit Grill Attachment, which quickly attaches to the flange to provide a perfect surface to turn your intoxicating fire into a delicious cooking platform. With adjustable height for temperature control and a swivel design to easily swing the grill on or off to control cooking time, the Scout has basically thought of everything.

Right now, shoppers can save almost $30 off the price of both the Burly Scout Stainless Steel Smoke Reducing Firepit and Grill Attachment, an $818 collection on sale now for just $789.

Prices subject to change