Once again, the ZenPet soft dog recovery cone has come to the rescue

Dog owners may want to keep a soft doggie cone of shame handy.

When my Great Pyrenees Nemo found himself in a pickle, the ZenPet cone got him out of it. We were able to stop his licking at his dermatitis and get the infection to clear up in time for his double arthroscopic surgery. From December 23rd or so 2018 til June 2019, when it was declared his final incisions from his last round of surgery were healed enough my buddy wore that cone.

You could not have a 125lb dog in pain killer and sedative-induced stupor wandering around a home while wearing a 125lb dog-sized hard cone of shame. The one time I tried this previously it was akin to tying two bulls together with a heavy chain and then setting them loose in a china shop.

I kept the ZenPet knowing someday other big-sized dogs of mine might need it. After having her reproductive organs removed, my slightly large but not Giant size like a Pyr, Golden Retriever Electra came home with a hard cone on. Our house is very small and walkways are not super passable for wide loads. I felt for Electra as she moved through the house, and for our Noguchi coffee table. Luckily, I remembered the ZenPet soft cone was around and swapped it into service.

Happier dog. Just one more day and I can remove it.

ZenPet Pet Recovery Cone E-Collar for Dogs and Cats – Always Use with Your Pet's Everyday Collar via Amazon