This cool new guitar pedal literally doesn't do anything, and it costs a hundred bucks

A "Chibson" is the unofficial name given to cheap Chinese off-brand versions of Gibson guitars. It's also the name of a US-based company that makes bizarre gag gift-style instruments like this $25,000 Han-Solo-In-Carbonite Guitar.

Their latest offering, the limited-edition Placebo Pedal, is only slightly more practical: a $100 guitar pedal that doesn't do anything.

After 2 years of development, the Placebo Pedal is the only effect pedal on the market that actually does what it says it does…Absolutely Nothing.

The Placebo Pedal looks and feels just like a real pedal with its custom Chibson USA powder coat graphics and matching collector's box. It also has a working foot switch, Input/Output jacks and even functioning knobs that read "Dosage" and "FX". If you really want to get crazy you can plug it in and the light will turn on! All hand built and numbered, these prescription rockers are only avail in limited quantities. 

For an additional $25, the company will also send you a printed circuit board that you can use to convert the Placebo Pedal into a legitimate fuzz pedal at home — "a gateway drug into the world of DIY effects building." It's a neat way to transform a gag gift into an actual cool home electronics project. I'm even tempted to try it myself!

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