Fantastic emulation of classic Apple II program The Print Shop (1984)

In 1984, I used the hell out of The Print Shop on my Apple ][e. Published by Broderbund, it's a super-simple graphic design application to create greeting cards, signs, and banners. I'd use my Koala Pad to generate ridiculous banners that I'd then print out on a dot matrix printer (yay for tractor feed paper!) and display with great pride in our basement. Now you can harness the power of The Print Shop in this fantastic site running the software on an Apple II emulator. It even enables you to save (and then print) your creations as PDFs. From the site:

The Print Shop was the brainchild of California couple David Balsam and Martin Kahn. David conceived of and designed the program, while Martin also contributed to the design and programmed it.

Originally, they saw it as a video greeting card system, wherein users would create graphical greeting cards and then send them to other users of the program electronically.

However, Broderbund founder Doug Carlston suggested that the program print the cards out using a printer instead, since this would provide better 'reach' than having recipients need both a computer and a copy of the software themselves.

The Print Shop (

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