Disgraced lawyer Avenatti to represent self in court

Michael Avenatti, former hero of resistance liberals and current extortion convict, was granted permission to represent himself in court for another upcoming trial, this time on fraud charges. Meghann Cuniff:

[U.S. District Judge James] Selna asks Avenatti if he's ever participated in a criminal sentencing, and Avenatti says yes, he participated in one a couple weeks ago in the Southern District of New York. Selna asks if he's ever done so as counsel, and Avenatti says no

With all the appropriate warnings and cautions Judge Selna ultimately let him at it, nonetheless.

"Only a fool has himself for a client," was aready an old adage by the time it first appears in print in the 17th century, but court-watchers suggest Avenatti likely just wants a chance to address the jury in the manner of his pleasing, and will allow his real lawyer to do his job. Even a legendary narcissist such as Avenatti isn't going to implode quite so easily.