Sweat out the toxins and pounds at home with this heated sauna blanket

For those who enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of sweating it out in a sauna, the charges can start adding up. A typical sauna session will usually set you back about $1 per minute. Heck, you can even throw back a Whopper or two while you sweat, although we wouldn't recommend that for detoxing and weight loss purposes. 

And if you want to break down and just build a sauna in your home, you're looking at at least $1,000 to start. Of course, rather than spending all that money you can get all the effects of a sauna with absolute portability with the MiHigh Heated Sauna Blanket.  

While it might seem odd, the blanket actually works on the same principle as those walk-in saunas, emitting far-infrared wavelengths to heat you up and detox all the impurities in your body. But if you just want to sweat off some pounds, users can burn anywhere from 300 up to 600 calories for a typical 30 to 60 minutes session.

On top of that, sauna use has been linked to improvements in your skin, better sleep patterns, and even reduced joint pain. All you've got to do is lay out the MiHigh on a heat-proof surface like a bed, then use the handheld controller to fire it up, boosting temperatures anywhere from 95 up to 165 degrees.

While you sweat off pounds, the sauna blanket also helps pull the nasty toxins out of your body, helping to remove dead skin cells, oils, dirt, bacteria, and everything else you don't want in your body out through your pores. Since saunas have been shown to also help with high blood pressure and overall heart health, not to mention those who suffer from chronic pain, a sauna blanket like the MiHigh can have big benefits to many in your household.

The MiHigh Heated Sauna Blanket usually retails for $499, but with the current deal, you can save $74 off the price and bring home your own portable sauna for just $424.99.