Bull moose wandering Vail parking garage, tranquilized and relocated

A large bull moose had been frequenting a parking garage in Vail, Colorado, for over a week, likely to lick the residual salt de-icing substance dripping from the upper floors. Bullwinkle would visit the salt early in the morning and scram before people used it for parking. Local officials could no longer press their luck on the big guy not crossing paths with a person and giving them a good trampling so they took measures to relocate the moose.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife were called to the parking garage on Tuesday and tranquilized the 2-3 year old bull moose to set him free elsewhere.

via UPI:

"This moose was not electing to spend time elsewhere, but now people can be at ease walking to work through that garage and the moose will be moved to more appropriate habitat," wildlife official Devin Duval said.

He said everything went "smoothly" with the tranquilizing of the moose and there were "no issues."

The moose was released in a remote area outside of Craig.