Lauren Boebert mocked for speaking at event — to roomful of empty seats

Colorado's vapin' gropin' Rep. Lauren Boebert was mocked for speaking at an event over the weekend in her own home state — to a room full of empty seats.

"Great to be with you today, Adams County GOP!" posted the unpopular Boebert, who is now running for reelection in Colorado's 4th district after her own 3rd district turned against her. But, looking at her post on X, it's hard to find one supportive comment. Instead, she was met with absolute ridicule.

"Geez, they could have met in her living room," said one commenter. "Ouch, that is a really small and sad turn out," said another fan. "I've seen more people in my doctor's waiting room," another responded.

And how many people showed up? Depends on who you ask: "Yep, all 18 of them. That represents 0.000034% of the population of Adams County CO. Hell uva Draw there Lauren," guesstimated one Internet sleuth after looking at the photos Bobo posted.

"It looks like only 10 people showed up. That's significantly lower than the attendance at the Beetlejuice musical," added another.

And last but definitely not least, "1's of people showed up to listen to Lauren Boebert speak last night. This might be your sign that it's over for Bobo."

(See hundreds more where these came from at Boebert's Xitter account.)

Via Newsweek and HuffPost