Watch: Even jail won't let Matt Gaetz and Marj into their building, caught on video

Just after getting canceled by three tour venues and booed out of a press conference, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to walk into the DC Department of Corrections today, but even the jail doesn't want them. Prison officials double checked to make sure the building was secure as they looked at Gaetz and Greene through the glass door, even after Gaetz played nice and put on a mask for them.

Apparently a supervisor had come out to speak to the Qnuts, but then the official pulled a "bait and switch," according to Gaetz. "They literally ran behind us and locked the doors," he complained to a reporter as Marjorie Taylor Greene knocked on the window, her nose just inches from the glass.

And thus, their political theater act of showing up at prison to "check on the welfare of Jan. 6 'political prisoners,'" as described by Raw Story, was foiled.

When will Gaetz and crew realize they're not wanted?