Trump "will be back before 2021" one MAGA fan insists

Good news for MAGA folk! The ex-president will be back before 2021! At least that's what one fellow Trump fan insists.

The news bulletin (video below) was announced when prankster Jason Selvig (of the Good Liars duo) asked a couple of gentlemen why they were in Arizona to see Trump speak. The first gent was playing coy, only revealing that Trump "will be back soon – sooner than everybody thinks." And when pushed by Selvig, who asked if Trump's reappearing act might happen in 2021, he said, "2021 of this year, yes he will be back."

But the next fellow couldn't help but let the scat out of the bag. "He will be back before 2021."

Of course Selvig was forced to run with the breaking news. "We're hearing that Donald Trump might have access to a time machine, where he can come back into office before 2021 – which would be remarkable, but not the craziest thing I heard today!"

Whether the come-back kid will really travel via time machine or simply by ol' fashioned wishful thinking wasn't made clear.