This platform helps companies tackle the new remote worker HR landscape

While it's hard to ever say a global pandemic has a silver lining, the upside of 2020 for millions of trapped-at-home employees was discovering the real benefits of working remotely.

According to research from Owl Labs, about 16 percent of companies worldwide are staffed entirely by remote workers, with another 56 percent striking a balance between remote and on-site workers. Meanwhile, 77 percent of workers say after the experience of their COVID year, being able to work from home would make them happier.

And by next year, more than half of all knowledge workers–employees who traffic in handling and using information–will be working remotely.

While many companies are working to appeal to that sentiment and adapt to a more remote-based workforce, that's causing some growing pains for organizations of all sizes. And nowhere is that pain more acutely felt than with that true lynchpin of any firm: the human resources officer.

It used to be tough enough chasing each person around the office to get them to clock in and out properly or complete important training or handle their benefits declarations correctly. Now, that bedraggled soul has to chase people across the country, or even around the world, via email. 

In the new decentralized work environment, keeping basics like payroll, benefits, and local compliance straight can be a full-time job…or even more than a full-time job. 

Remote makes payroll and international hiring simple

An all-in-one platform like Remote can eliminate many of those headaches, streamlining complicated payroll and onboarding situations down to simple online steps that offer ease of use and full transparency for both the company and its employees.

Once you've picked your new employee and set them up with Remote access, they can log in and get a full self-serve checklist of all the paperwork they need to complete and tasks they need to finish, from personal information to banking details to international compliance laws.

Wait…what? Yep, Remote is a completely global platform, mitigating the compliance risks of hiring international employees and contractors through Remote's own in-country teams of labor law experts. And that includes the always dicey taxation issue as well, with Remote simplifying exactly what's taxable, what isn't, and what needs to be paid to whom, no matter where the company or employee is located.

Payroll approvals go through Remote, as well as all employee documentation, and benefits management, all accessible centrally to both companies and workers right through the platform.

Whether your remote employee works down the street or in another hemisphere, everything gets boiled down to a simple invoice that shows amounts and statuses of every company transaction with each person.

Remote serves companies of all sizes

Whether your firm employs a handful of workers or hundreds all over the globe, Remote offers services to fit companies of any size. That's why Remote has already become the HR infrastructure answer for a host of major growing companies, including Arduino, GitLab, Loom, Paystack, Lifelink Systems, and more.

Right now, companies interested in enlisting Remote as their home for all online human resources can even save up to 50 percent off the cost of a global employment solution for their first employee for the first three months.

Prices subject to change