Python is the heart of today's hottest tech developments. Learn it now for $30.

Tech is always growing, changing, and expanding. That's never changed. But it isn't every day a coding language comes along, grabs a hold of so many transformational disciplines, and slowly becomes one of the key coding disciplines that matter.

That's the career arc of Python, a versatile yet adaptable language that is now at the heart of most modern computer science work with its impact on most major areas of tech expansion happening today. That includes ultra-hot areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

With the training in The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle, even Python newbies can get an idea of why this code is the glue that's holding the tech world together these days. And you don't even have to live code while playing Frogger to learn.

This collection features 10 courses covering more than 90 hours of instruction for a full 360-degree view of Python, including training to get first-time users comfortable programming with Python as well as guiding experienced users to add some new skills to their resume.

The learning starts with a trio of introductory courses as Learn to Code with Python 2021 and Practical Python: Learn the Basics of Python 3 Step-by-Step get the ball rolling, including basic Python training accompanied with early coding projects that will help novice coders get their feet wet safely. Meanwhile, The Complete 2021 Python Course puts all that training together, blending practical work with solid theoretical training to point the way from Python basics to eventual mastery.

With the basics in place, further training goes further while exploring new areas of Python knowledge requiring even more specialization. Courses examine how to expand your Python horizon to include game development using Pygame, as well as PyTorch for machine learning training, and even Qiskit for quantum computing.

There's also training here that can teach learners about using Python to automate your stock trading, with coding that can improve your portfolio strategy and start generating a passive income stream without losing your shirt.

With this deal, you can get all 10 courses in The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle for $30. That's just $3 per course!