ESP32 is changing how tinkerers make awesome DIY projects. Learn it all here for just $50.

For decades, electronics customers have griped about the high cost of their precious tech marvels. Hey, nobody's willing to do without their iPhone or their trusty tablet, but nobody likes spending hundreds of dollars on each of those items either.

But while manufacturers have always defended those high prices by explaining the high cost of powering and running those devices, tinkerers have been hard at work coming up with increasingly smaller, faster, and, most importantly, cheaper components so that someday, builders can fashion essential tech for pennies rather than hundreds.

We aren't there yet, but innovations like the low-cost, low-power ESP32 microcontroller chip are a big step forward in that pursuit. ESP32 sports a fast dual-core processor, integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and includes input and output capabilities to help it sync up with all manner of tech.

Whether you're training for a career in electronics or just love diving in and learning about something incredibly cool, ESP32 is definitely worth your time. With the training in The Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle, students will explore everything this blistering tech innovation has to offer.

This package features four courses and an accompanying eBook, covering everything it takes to use the ESP32 in place of the previous Arduino microcontroller as well as how they're used in a host of modern tech constructions. The training is led by instructor and tech entrepreneur Peter Dalmaris, an Ph.D.-carrying electrical and computer engineer who's been teaching tech classes for well over a decade.

In this collection, he breaks down the ESP32 training into four courses, starting with ESP32 for Busy People. This introductory level course explains exactly what ESP32 is, the various available modules, and how the ESP32 can be used to power simple components like LEDs, buttons, sensors, and motors.

The courses ramp up with ESP32 Unleashed and Node-RED and ESP32. Those courses start exploring more varied uses of ESP32, including communicating with near field devices and the web, as well as how to design and build an automated control system using Node-RED.

Finally, MicroPython with the ESP32 rounds out the training, as users utilize the MicroPython programming language with the ESP32 microcontroller to program gadgets that include displays, motors, switches, and communications. There are even a handful of mini-projects that help bring all this ESP32 training together.

The training in The Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle is usually a $200 value, but right now, this collection is available at 75 percent off that price, down to just $49.99.