Cool down this summer with one of these inflatable pool and hot tub deals, now up to 50% off

We don't have to tell you. This summer has been hot. Outrageously hot. Ridiculously hot. And while this summer may not be historically hot in the wide arching sweep of history, that's small consolation while you continue to swelter.

One way to combat the blistering summer heat is with a pool. And assuming you're not looking to drop thousands and commit to months of work to have an in-ground pool installed at your home, there are alternatives. From kiddie pools to pools for some major adult relaxing, check out these deals on some great inflatable pools and even hot tub options that'll do the trick, all at savings of up to 50 percent off. Hey, if it's good enough for bears, it's definitely good enough for you.

Jilong Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool – $39.99; originally $59

At 10 ft. long and holding over 320 gallons of water, you'll start to wonder if the kids are the only ones who can enjoy this inflatable pool. The sturdy vinyl construction is built to last through multiple summers, while the extra-wide walls give some stability and support for those oh-so-active children. Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, the whole pool goes up in a matter of minutes, and there's even an easy drain valve so you can empty it out quickly when it's time to bring summer to a close.

SunClub Inflatable Swimming Pool – $39.99; originally $59

If you're looking for a cool spot for the kids to splash around during the summer months, look no further. In fact, there might even be room for Mom or Dad to slip in there for a relaxing moment as well. At nearly 9 ft. long, there's plenty of space so everyone can enjoy the water without feeling like they're stacked on top of each other. Made from high-quality PVC plastic, this pool inflates easily and offers a great way for kids to beat the heat and stop complaining all summer long.

Intex Inflatable Outdoor Pool – $89.99; originally $179

While it's great to have a spot for the kids to beat the heat, sometimes you need a pool ready to accommodate the whole family. In that case, you can step up to this round 8 ft. by 8 ft. refreshing addition that holds up to nearly 640 gallons. Constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply material, this pool can be up and ready to be filled in 10 minutes, just by inflating the top ring.

Avenli Inflatable Family Swimming Pool – $99; originally $179

At 10 ft. by 30 ft., this is a pool that really can welcome the entire family. Capable of holding more than 950 gallons, this puncture-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, and safe-to-use pool is made from triple-layer plastic to stand up to years of fun. When it's connected to a filter pump, the inflatable ring can blow up quickly, or even serve as a drain when the pump isn't connected. And at 30 ft. long, this pool offers plenty of room to let everybody stretch out and enjoy their own corner of the water without disturbing anyone else.

Goplus 6 Person Portable Inflatable Massage Spa Hot Tub – $849.99; originally $1,099

Relaxing in the cool water is one thing, but this Costway massage spa has the added ability of also serving as a 6-seat hot tub as well. With the simple control panel, users can fire up 130 high-powered bubble jets to direct a soothing, relaxing massage experience while you soak. The heating system adjusts to fit everyone's personal temperature preferences ranging up to 104 degrees, with an insulated ground cloth for enhanced thermal retention and an insulated cover for improved heating and safety.

Baikal 4-Person Inflatable Hydro-Massage Hot Tub – $1,099.99; originally $1,299

The premium 4-seater brings the relaxation with 4 hydromassage jets that can be individually adjusted for water flow and direction, while another 118 air jets deliver gentle, caressing bubbles. There's a variable speed pump to control the bubble intensity, as well as a quick heating system, a wired controller, and even an anti-icing system so you can slip in and enjoy the heated therapy on a frosty winter evening as well.