Simon Gallup has quit The Cure (again)

Simon Gallup, bassist for The Cure for forty years, has quit the band.

"With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of the Cure!" he posted to Facebook. "Good luck to them all…" 

After a commenter inquired about his health, Gallup responded: "I'm ok… just got fed up of betrayal."

Gallup quit once before, in 1982, following a fistfight with Robert Smith at a bar. Two years later, he rejoined at Smith's request.

"For me, the heart of the live band has always been Simon, and he's always been my best friend," Smith told the NME in 2019….

"We've had some difficult periods over the years but we've managed to maintain a very strong friendship that grew out of that shared experience from when we were teens. When you have friends like that, particularly for that long, it would take something really extraordinary for that friendship to break."

(Rolling Stone)