Master the art of satire writing with the founders of the popular Reductress Magazine

Life can be rough, and sometimes a little laugh is what we need to get us through the day. And the creative writers behind Reductress, the world's very first and only satirical women's magazine, know how valuable a little cheekiness can be, and lucky for you, they're spilling on their creative secrets. 

If you've always wanted to write satire, whether it be on social media or your own online magazine, but don't quite know where to start, let the founders of Reductress show you the ropes! For a limited time, they're offering an exclusive two-hour workshop, giving aspiring writers access to invaluable writing tools, specifically in the comedy genre. 

Under the instruction of Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, who co-founded Reductress back in 2013, you'll learn how to turn your own thoughts and ideas into engaging, entertaining copy that people will love reading. Over the course of four, easy-to-follow lectures, you'll explore the fundamentals of satire writing and find out what exactly made Reductress so successful. 

In addition to learning satire basics, you'll also find out how to comment on and write about current events in your own, unique voice. You'll learn what exactly makes a great piece, from well-thought-out content to eye-catching headlines that readers will want to share with their friends. You'll even have the chance to apply everything you learned and write a satirical piece of your own

Praised by Cosmopolitan, the New York Times, Wired, and more, Reductress has become a true leader in today's satirical content, deeming it "essential reading" and "one of the most popular humor sites on the internet." In other words, if you want to turn heads online and invoke a chuckle or two, there are no better teachers to show you the way than the brilliant minds behind Reductress. 

Ready to give creative writing a whirl? Make things easy on yourself and Learn to Write Satire from the Founders of Reductress for just $39.99, nearly 30% off its regular price.