Orlando mayor urges residents to limit water use because hospitals need oxygen for Covid patients

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer told residents to refrain from watering lawns or washing cars for at least a week because hospitals need so much oxygen to treat all the Covid-19 patients who arrived in the last few days.

Florida's water supply is naturally discolored and smells like rotten eggs. Apparently, some residents don't like that, so Florida's water treatment plants use liquid oxygen to remove the odor and off-color.

But so many anti-vaxxers have checked into Florida's hospitals in need of oxygen that the mayor says it won't have enough bottled oxygen to treat all the water residents normally use.

"We realize this is drastic and unprecedented," said Linda Ferrone of the Orlando Utility Commission. "If worse came to worse, we would have to look at a boil water alert."

[via US News and World Report]

[image: worldometers]