Remembering Moondog, The Viking of 6th Avenue

If you lived in New York sometime between the 1940s and 60s, you may have walked past the legendary Moondog, also known as "The Viking of 6th Avenue.

In this video, you can learn about the life of Moondog, born Louis Thomas Hardin (May 26, 1916 – September 8, 1999). Moondog was an American musician, theoretician,  poet, and acclaimed composer who wrote over 80 symphonies.

He was also an inventor who made several musical instruments.

Moondog lost his vision at age 16. He wore a long cloak, a Viking hat, and had a long white beard.

Many people thought he was homeless and saw him as a novelty, not realizing the brilliant composer and human that he was.

Despite this, he was befriended by many important cultural figures such as Janis Joplin, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsburgh, Phillip Glass, and more.

I've loved Moondog's otherworldly music since I was first introduced to it.

Here's one of his Albums. The unique rhythm and sense of time in Moondog's music are what he called "Snaketime", because of its "slithery rhythm."