Watch: Australian shepherd guides herd into a giant heart shape in stunning tribute to late relative

Ben Jackson, a shepherd in Guyra, New South Wales, Australia lost his aunt to cancer and was unable to attend her funeral in Brisbane due to lockdown. So he created the lovely tribute seen above by enticing his sheep with food to form a heart shape. This magnificent video was played at his aunt's funeral. From The Guardian:

"The first time I tried it looked like the shit emoji, I tell you, and whilst my Aunty Deb had a good sense of humour, that wasn't exactly what I was going for," he said[…]

Jackson said he first started making his sheep art during a previous drought when he fed his sheep from the back of his flatbed truck every single day.

He soon learned he could draw shapes in the landscape and that the sheep would gather.

"And they haven't forgotten yet," he said.

In the past Jackson has created other shapes like a giant ABC logo, though he stressed that the tribute was solely for Aunty Deb.