Bad design and bad implementation are blamed for new problems rapidly tilting SF's Millenium Tower

Years ago, folks argued that building the Millenium Tower on soft ground in earthquake country was a bad idea from the get-go. Then a massive transit hub was dug out of the ground next to the giant tower's foundation, pretty clearly weakening it.

Unable to handwave away the deepening lean of an ultra-luxury condo skyscraper, a large assortment of potentially at-fault people, organizations, and other on-the-hook entities began to search for a fix for this problem.

Condo owners began to sue.

Some jokers were once trying to sell this as normal settling for a building of its size.

Then it was determined that the needed support the wayward building required would come from more and bigger piles, drilled under the building. Everyone agreed to get to work quickly and the lean of the building would totally slow to whatever was normal settling for a giant building on soft ground, prone to earthquakes, next to a pit where buses and trains rumble thru.

A few days ago we learned the building is leaning faster. The number I heard earlier this week was 3" more movement from May 2021 to today. This video claims 5" over the same period. I do not know if 5" more leaning in a building that was already leaning too much, over that short period of time is scary or not.

The video also details that everything from wrong design to wrong tools to wrong measurements is to blame for the new problems that have been created.