Help deal with COVID by wearing jeans, a Georgia superintendent of schools advises

Superintendent of Georgia's Bulloch County School District Charles Wilson has done virtually nothing to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the schools he oversees, but will allow staff to enjoy a 'casual September' by getting to wear jeans for a few weeks. Out of 11,000 students in his district 900 of them tested positive for the coronavirus as of last Monday. Teachers and parents have been begging for a mask mandate but the only action taken were signs put in the schools encouraging students to wear masks, but not forcing them to do so.

Charles Wilson did issue this statement, via The Daily Beast:

"I talked with principals today and we all agreed that, though it is a small gesture, you would enjoy the liberty of wearing jeans for the next month. So, by all means, please enjoy your jeans throughout the month of September (and the rest of August)."

On Aug. 19, in response to what Wilson called the "many and diverse perspectives across our community regarding COVID-19," the superintendent posted on Facebook a letter to parents with tips on how to keep their kids safe, such as "daily hygiene" and "mak[ing] sure your child gets their necessary exercise, rest, and dietary needs met to help develop a healthy immune system." Wilson made no mention of masks or vaccination. He closed the message with a "hang in there."

"Unbelievably insulting and entirely tone deaf," Adam Brady, a parent in the district, commented below the post. "I cannot believe that I live in a community with this level of failure to acknowledge and address a problem of this magnitude."

So, Charles Wilson declares jeans-for-all and condescendingly encourages regular habits to maintain a healthy immune system, but he won't protect the staff and students by requiring them to do something that most decent people have gotten used to, which is wearing masks.

At least he isn't suggesting anyone take Ivermectin, a horse de-worming drug, available at farm supply stores, to battle COVID. In a mind-numbing turn of events the FDA had to put out a warning against people taking the de-worming drug…that is for HORSES, for God's sake! Why, you ask? Where would regular people get this idea to pass on taking a clinically tested vaccine proven highly effective in protecting us from the coronavirus and instead take a horse de-wormer? Hmmm, where would they get that idea? Answer: Fox News, of course! Watch Seth Meyers shred the dopes at the misinformation network for pushing this horse shit…correction, horse pill.

Masks, vaccines, on-line learning, contact tracing and distancing are not tools Superintendent Charles Wilson will use to keep his district safe, but basic immunity tips and blue jeans are? Sadly, look for those COVID rates in Bulloch County to increase exponentially this fall.