Playtime can be both informational and fun with Wheelson's autonomous, four-wheeled robot

The electronic vehicle has evolved from a phase to a full-fledged industry as it seems companies are introducing their take on the future of transportation with each passing day. In a market that was once deemed monopolized by Tesla, Chevrolet, Nissan, and even Volkswagen have trotted out electronic vehicles to consumers. And thanks to Wheelson, you can buy an electronic car of your own – sort of, anyway.

Wheelson is offering an autonomous, four-wheel robot vehicle that boasts much of the same components and systems as their real-life counterparts. These mini vehicles are equipped with a camera and a microcomputer which allows them to maneuver and navigate small roads, but driving this powerhouse of a machine isn't even half of the fun!

Learn the inner-working of autonomous vehicles with Wheelson. This fun machine gives adults and young minds alike a deep dive by teaching them how electromotors work using a microcomputer. Not only does it show them how computer vision in autonomous vehicles work, but also how to make their cars navigate autonomously. You'll also learn how to recognize different simple objects using a camera & image processing algorithms.

Brains aren't the only thing this entertaining mini-vehicle possesses. Take it out for a spin as it recognizes QR codes on the floor and flashes its built-in RGB LED accordingly. Or, you can code it to drive autonomously using its camera. Wheelson weighs just under 18 ounces, so it's easy to bring to your local park and watch it in action. 

Whoever said learning isn't fun certainly hasn't met Wheelson yet. Right now, you can grab Wheelson: Build & Code Your Own AI Self-Driving Car for $107.99. Plus, if you spend $50 or more in our store today, you'll get $10 in store credit within 14 days of your purchase. Just make sure your total is at least $50 after any returns.

Price subject to change.