Ivanka Trump's public Spotify, which once contained an alleged sex playlist, is getting attention on Tiktok

A Tiktok from @theneedletok walks through Ivanka Trump's public Spotify. Most of her playlists are a few years old, and they have straightforward names like "Walk to work," and 2015 banger, "Holiday Party."

Tiktok commenters admitted that her taste was better, more interesting, and more alternative than they expected. In "Work: Focus" there's the Sim City Soundtrack. Spin Doctors, Here We Go Magic, and other classic post-rock artists are in the playlist "Walk to Work." When Ivanka is on a very long run, she might turn on her playlist "(Very) long run," which contains DANGERDOOM and Grimes.

The account follows various members of her family, like Ivanka's half-sister Tiffany and brother-in-law Josh Kushner, who is married to supermodel Karlie Kloss.

Some commenters just couldn't believe that the playlist was made by Ivanka, proposing that it was all just PR.

But if it was all made by a publicist, then why, in 2017, did she briefly have a twenty-one-minute-long playlist rumored to be for sex?